Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sept 14th - Of Waterfalls and Bears

Forgot to mention yesterday I meet two hikers hiking barefoot. One a young mother and son; she said she read online hiking barefoot was good for you. She didn't look like she was enjoying it. The other was a college kid that seemed to be doing fine but then he said he was only hiking barefoot cause his boots hurt so bad. Forgot to say Knees and Inspector Gadget where at the lodge yesterday too.

Hiked the Ramona Falls Alternate and enjoyed the falls, lots of people, and a quiet walk along the river. Was attacked by the hug monster who called out "Papa Smurf" and ran up to me with a huge hug. She had heard my name from other hikers and wanted to shock me. Lol. Joined her and her friend by their fire and ate cookies and shared more hugs. Leaving Mt Hood I meet another hiker and scored an apple!

Lots of huckleberries and thimbleberrys today. Saw what I think was Mt Adams and lots of smoke from the Adams fire ahead. Also saw a big black bear while in the Bull Run Watershed. When I got to Indian Springs I had a panic moment when the spring marked on half-miles notes was just a dry river bed. Turns out there is a nice piped spring but it is in a totally different spot down the side trail toward Eagle Creek. In camp I heard noises in the woods. I grabbed my camera to hopefully get a shot of a bear or elk but it was just Flagman camping beside me. Looking forward to seeing Tunnel Falls in the morning.

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