Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 17 - Bridge of the Gods

Took a zero yesterday in Cascade Locks. Breakfast at the famous Eastwing Drive-in. For lunch a half-gallon ice cream and a banana. Decided to stay the night because so many hikers showed up. Shrek gave us a tour and described all his plans to rebuild the house into a hikers dream; hot tub, bunk house, deck, tent sites and hammocks. He bought the house in February and is gutting it. Have to come back sometime to see how it turns out. After dinner I joined the group at the pub for a beer and watched them drink flaming boiler maker like drinks called "hiker trash". Then we passed bottles around at the campfire as Kristo and Trip played guitar and sang.

On Monday I tried to get on the trail early but failed. After Pacemaker and I walked into town for breakfast, Sybille and I worked on flight possibilities for flying home over the phone. Hard to believe in less than a month I'll be in Canada. Just as I tried to leave a local came by with local Indian caught wild salmon cakes. We had a nice brunch by the fire. Then Shrek had us take a group picture atop Mt Shrek. Everyone said they were heading out but no one was moving so I left with Pacemaker without them. Exciting crossing the "Bridge of the Gods" into Washington state. You have to walk in the traffic lane because the bridge has no walkway or shoulder. As you walk you look straight down through metal grates at the water far below.

Pacemaker, and apparently everyone else, turned right and take the shorter and easier road walk. I headed left along the Columbia Gorge and then up toward Gillette Lake and Table Mountain. Nice views from the ridges. Found an empty trail magic cache in a remote random stretch of trail. A candy and beer treat for those who didn't wuss out and do the road walk. To bad it was empty. Surprised to still find lots of ripe blackberries on the ridge. A nice stream side campsite all to myself tonight.

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