Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept 26th - Blowout Mtn Sunrise on the Equinox

Woke to a magnificent sunrise. A 360 view from the rocky summit knob on Blowout Mountain. To the north you look straight down the knife edge ridge, to the east - sunrise over the distant mountains and valleys, to the west - finally a spectacular view of Mt Raineer, and to the south a view of my tent camp nestled on the southeast ridge. Today is the solar Equinox and this sunrise view is the start of a fantastic day.

As I hiked this morning I could see that if the sky had cleared yesterday I would have had numerous views of Raineer. Of course as the day progressed the air again filled with the smell of smoke. The views hazed over again; this time from a different fire. Will they ever end?

Saw another elk today and lots of footprints and mating calls. After lunch I hiked over to an old abandon weather station. Would have liked to explore but there were "Property of US Government" warnings everywhere.

Above Twilight Lake, on the way up to Mirror Lake, I startled several Elk. They where hiding in the trees just dozens of feet away. Didn't see them but the crashing noise was like a freight train. Camping at Mirror Lake and it lives up to its name with reflections in the water.

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