Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sept 2nd - The Butte Fire Zone

Long dry section and I hear that six horse spring is a very steep and long half mile down to a poor water source.  Risky skipping it but I am hoping the Oregon Skyline Trail alternative seasonal spring will be running(it wasn't), or I will dry camp or push on to the Nip Tuck Lake.  Fortunately, our trail angel Loyd from Bend Oregon had a nice water cache at the Route 60 camping site.  A great spot with fire ring and lots of firewood.  I am out of fuel so cooked on the fire with Little Steps and another hiker.  Saw my first bear today.  A little cub on the trail.  Also met Funk who hooked me up with some trail magic.  Many thanks FUNK!  Hope you enjoy the Bourbon and milkways.

While hiking thorough the Butte fire zone I came across a hot spot with billowing clouds of smoke and red burning coals.  I covered it with lots of dirt and it seemed to be out but when I got back onto the trail I saw it smoldering with white smoke again.  Left a note on the trail and Little Steps was able to leave a 911 message for the rangers. 

smoke from hotspot in Butte Fire Zone

Hiker Trash at the rt 60 water cache

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