Friday, June 1, 2012

Wed, May 30th - Paradise Cafe

Really nice campsite last night and woke to great views but no color in the sunrise.  I think it's because the sun has to get so high in the sky before you can see it over the mountain ranges around me.  Milky way and stars are amazing at night.  Have not set up my tent since the windstorm.  Stopped at the Paradise Cafe for water; and of course I had to have a beer and burger!  They offered to let me stay for dinner, sleep on the patio, and have breakfast.  Very tempted because my feet hurt but I decided it was too early and it would have been lots of money on food and beer.  Boulders and sandstone maze of rocks after the cafe.  There must have been at least one lizard on each rock.  The trail twisted and turned through the boulders.  It was a very neat place but the hiking was like hiking in the white mountains.  Really had to watch your step and it was steep in places.  My first camp spot was full of ants so I hiked on toward the top for a nicer spot even though I was really tired.  Another great day on the trail!

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