Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sun, June 3rd - Ziggy and the Bear

New Dr. Scholls foot insoles, soaked feet, and well rested made for an amazing difference on the trail yesterday.  My feet are feeling much better, not perfect but getting there.  Left late from Idyllwild and started hiking around 11am after getting a ride to the trailhead.  Back on the PCT around 12:00 after climbing back up the 2.6 mile connector trail.  A ranger asked to see my PCT permit.  Lots of day and weekend hikers.  It was a zoo on the approach trail.  Saw some small patches of snow and hit my highest elevation so far - over 9300 feet.  Meet up with two bikers camping at Fuller Ridge parking Lot and joined them last night for lots of evening talk.  Today I down climbed the Fuller Ridge.  Next water was 19.5 miles.  From Fuller Ridge, as the crow flies it's another 4.3 miles from my camp.  But, by trail it's 15.2 miles and another 6,000 feet of decent.  That's a lot of switchbacks.  Why is the song, "The long and winding road", suck in my head.   Just made it into Ziggy and the Bear's.   Signs all over the trail asking you to stop in at the Trail Angels.  I thought I was going to get some water and maybe a soda.  Nope, it's a tent camp behind their house in the middle of the desert.  Tents for shade, water, fruit, soda, hiker box, etc.  First thing when I get here Bear sets me up with a soak tub for my feet.  Then a giant salad.  As I was eating my salad, Team Sardine showed up.  Three girls and a guy that started out together as a group.  Lots of stories tonight.  Next, Ziggy promises ice cream.  Then cereal and fruit for breakfast.  So, there you go Rick, more talk about free food!  It's all about the food.   And Papa Smurf is never afraid to wave his begging spoon. Another fantastic day on the trail!


  1. So now you know the tripple sandwich sisters.

    1. Who would have thought the Cambell sisters would have competition? LOL