Friday, June 8, 2012

Jun 8, Mile 318 - after Deep Creek Hot Springs!

Thursday, trail angel Papa Smurf took me back to the trail after a
breakfast of waffles and sausage. Team Sardine called so we met up at
the trail head at 9am. The girls had their town sun dresses on. :)

Felt great, best hiking day so far. No sore feet, lots of energy, nice
trail. Was it the shower, clean cloths, good food, rest, or my feet
healing? Perhaps it was long conversations with the ones we love - even
if it's only by phone.

Great views of the deep blue Bear Lake and Bear Mtn ski area from
along the ridge for miles. Met some day hikers and mountain climbers at
a lunch spot an scored an apple, grapes, and broccoli. Despite our
long conversations I made good time. Met up with 'Paint your Wagan'.
Nice guy but I left him at 20 miles because I still felt good. Hiked
26 miles, past sandstone boulders and along sandy cliffs following the
sides of a ravine with the river below. Found a nice camp stream side.

Friday I saw a Rattlesnake across the trail at the junction for the Deep Creek
detour. Decided to take the detour to be sure to see the hot springs
and glad I did. No problems and the trail, high above and following the
Deep Creek, is very scenic. So are the hot springs! Now where did I
pack my bathing suit? Sat with a small group, one singing with a
guitar, and shared some wine. With images of natures curves in my head
I headed on. Crossed my first wet-feet river crossing at the Mojave
spillway/dam. Now my feet are hurting again after another 26 mile day,
but a very good day.

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  1. Don't step over your feets while thinking of natures curves. :-)