Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, June 4 - Mesa Wind Farm

Stopped at the Mesa wind farm. Nice group, offered me a cold drink and
tour of center. Said goodbye to Team Sardine when they stopped for
lunch. This next section of rolling hills was a very pretty one all
the way down to Whitewater Creek. Wonderful cold pools to soak and
wade in. The trail was difficult to follow after crossing the creek
for the next quarter mile through the dry creek bed. Followed faint
footprints between rocks of what was never clearly a trail. After
regaining a clear trail the rest of the day involved climbing up an
ever higher drainage up canyon after canyon. My goal for a camp site
had been reported to be dry so i planned to get water at the last
stream crossing before camp. Turns out the creek dried up earlier. I
ended up back hiking the river bed for half a mile to find water. Of
course when i got to camp the stream had reappeared and i could have
gotten water at camp after all. Odd that it was dry lower down the
mountain. Lots of poodle dog bush on trail.

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