Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23rd - Walker Pass and Owen's Peak

It just keep getting better!  Saw a deer frozen in the middle of the trail in front of me this morning.  Cute little guy.  Found an unexpected water cache at Walker Pass that also included tubs of oatmeal.  Odd, I would have thought animals would get into it.  But it didn't stop me from grabbing a big bag full for the mornings breakfast.  The views were absolutely the best so far after Walker's Pass as I climbed up the side of Owen's Peak.  Should have tried to find a way to climb to the summit, as the trail bypassed the true summit, but it was another 1200 feet of elevation and I didn't see a very well defined herd path leading the way.  What a fantastic day - each one better then the day before.  Did another 30 mile day and thought I was off somewhere when I rolled into my camp/water destination a good 40 minutes earlier then I expected.  It's a weird feeling doing that because you are so psychologically prepared to hike farther that it feels off to stop.  I hiked the 30 miles because I didn't want to bother stopping at the earlier spring that people claim is contaminated with uranium.  It sounds like many people do drink the water there though.  It was a great day hiking today!!!

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