Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11th PDB Update from mile 412

Sunday I crossed the San Andreas fault safely! First major patch of
poodle dog and didnt take the whippy detour. Climbed back up to 8500 feet and across ski area.

Then Monday down and then back up to spur trail for Mt
Baden Powell at 9399 feet. 1500 year old tree and monument to boy
scouts on top. Great view and ridge hike down. Took the old endangered
species detour (endanger people, not frogs detour) it's anouther
fantastic day on the trail.


  1. I am so jealous!!! What will be left for us to hike when I retire? btw: What is a Poddle Dog and why is it hell?

  2. I like mile 412 - there must have been flowers on the way besides the poisonous poodle dog brushes.

  3. Poodle Dog Bush is a nasty plant rumored to be much worse than Poison Oak. Now I have never had poison oak but I hear poison oak is worse then poison ivy - so there you go. I'm not touching this thing if I can help it. http://www.pctmap.net/pctdownloads/poodle_dog_bush_warning.pdf