Friday, June 1, 2012

Thur, May 31st - Tahquitz Peak Lookout

Miles of views from miles of switch backs in the San Jacinto Mtns!!!  Difficult hiking up but the views are fantastic.  How did they build these trails?  And how do they get horses to climb them?  Only 18 inches wide in places and loose soil.  Sometimes trees blown down on top of the trails.  I have been following horse prints and been amazed that a horse would follow the rocky cuts in the canyon walls.    Had a difficult half mile side trail to climb down to get water.  Filtered 5 liters at the spring and drank two on the way back up to the trail. Net gain of 3 liters to continue the hike.  Now I am at Tahquitz Peak Lookout tower that my brother Larry recommended.    At 8828 feet it has an impressive view of the San Jacinto Mtns.   The restored tower from 1934 is reconditioned with wood stove, sink, bunk, heater, lights, etc.  All locked of course.  Set up bivi in front of the tower and I am waiting for the sunset, will camp the night, and get to see sunrise from the tower in the morning.  Another great day!  Super!

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