Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jun 9th - Cajon Pass, historic route 66, mile 342.

Navigated around the Cedar Springd Dam and spillway and discovered trail magic.
Had an appke, water, and risked two hard boiled eggs. I passed on
the fuzzy strawberries.

The hike all along the ridge around Lake Silverwood was pretty but the
noise of power boats echo up the ridge. Back in the hills I heard a
noise back in the bolders of a drainage. Turns out to be a gold

He showed me his prospecting gear - no gold yet. Next came wind
sculptured sand ridges, some with razor edge drop offs on the sides of
the trail. Then on to historic route 66 and McD's. Met the next water
cache angels at McDs. They said it was all set so I didn't need to
bring the 5 liters I was planning. They also said there were cots at
the cache. Maybe I can hike 5 miles before dark? Iffy, but will see.

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  1. Wow you are cruising now. Trail magic seams to be a wonderful thing.