Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jun 10 - Bees, thorns, poodle dogs, and trains in the dark

Forgot a few things in my last post. Must be the chemicals and corn
sugar from McD. Yesterday I tiptoed through a buzzing swarm of yellow
jacket bees. Very carefully, scary for someone with an expired epipen.
No stings thankfully. Then I hit this section of dense brush. I had
to push through thick branches of thorn bushes and holly that racked
your arms and gripped your pack. Hard to believe at least 500 hikers
passed though this overgrown mess. I wonder how many hikers skip or
hitch around sections. The cache owner I met at McD offered to drive
me to the cache to save hiking the trail but I didn't go for it. Besides I
already forgot about the hard parts because scenery is so good.

Back when I meet 'Paint your Wagon' I asked him if this plant was
poodle dog. He grabbed a big handful and sad no. So now I am not sure.
Sure looks like the picture but it might be because its not with
flowers yet. Guess I'll just keep avoiding anything that looks close
to the picture. Last night as I left route 66 I crossed under and
over the road and train tracks. The tunnel under the road was long,
windy, wet, and pitch black. At one point you couldn't see either ends
opening. Then while under the train tunnel a train came thru. Both
tunnels were scary. Seems like trains come though constantly and i
had to wait to cross the tracks. Well, better get back to hiking.
Will loose signal over next hill.

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