Monday, June 18, 2012

Jun 18th - Entering the Wind Farms

It was cool this morning until the sun came out then it got very hot but with a strong gusty hot wind that kept you dry of sweat and comfortable enough considering I'm in the high dessert.  Saw another rattle snake this morning.  Hiked along the Aqueduct which was flat and made good mileage.  At first it was uncovered and the water was nice to look at but then the trail turned and followed a covered aqueduct that was more like dusty road.  Meet another thru-hiker, Tortoise-express, at a water cache around 1pm and we stayed together under a wooden artificial shade structure for two hours before I decided to hike on.  I hiked through a ridge filled with 100's of non-turning wind turbines.  Wind was gusting strong and the head wind slowed my progress down but it was exciting to hike between the windmills.  It was a little depressing to see so many wind turbines not turning.  Every time I see one that is not turning it makes me sad.  They looked new but perhaps they are not finished yet.  Camp was by a nice stream but it was very windy.  A fun day.

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