Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sept 30th - Many Alpine Lakes in route to Stevens Pass

Got colder last night. Set up my tent and had condensation forming on the outside even before I went to sleep. Slept with my gloves, hat, and coat on. In the morning the condensation was frozen. Waited for sunrise but because the sun had to clear the high mountains the colors were not as impressive as I hoped.

The terrain was berry alpine today with some steep switchbacks and rocky sections. Very nice views especially of the snow patched mountain ridge line with Cathedral Rock at the end of the string of peaks. Lots of pica's gathering grasses. Many ups, downs, and switchbacks all day long.

The sun was hot but it was cold in the shade. Too hot going uphill in the sun and too cold downhill or in the shade. Couldn't figure out what to wear to be comfortable.

The views of the many alpine lakes were great. First Hyas lake and Deceptions lake. Then a great spot on top of Piper Pass where I met a couple trying to find a route up nearby Surprise Mtn which looked a bit technical. The view looking down from the pass as I descended was fantastic looking into Glacier Lake which was a rich blue color in the sun. Then more lakes including Surprise lake, spectacular views of Trap lake, and then Hope, Mig, Josephine, and Lake Jane.

The trail had one last surprise before I got to Stevens Pass; up, over, and down a ski area! Got a ride from a Russian hiker, Neil, at the pass who took me through Skykomish to Baring and the Dinsmore's Hiker Haven. He even gave me his number in Seattle in case I needed a place to stay on the way home. Always meeting great people on the trail!

It was too late to go out so Andrea, PCT mom, made me a plate of food. The store recently changed hands and is closed till the new owners start up. Luckily I was able to resupply nicely from the hiker box. Couple of beers and a movie with the other hikers and a bunk for the night!

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