Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 9th - PaPa Smurf has left the country!

Wow, woke to a fantastic day. Warm and sunny and a great sunrise from the ridge near Tamerack Peak. The whole day, almost to the Canadian border, was on high open ridgelines with fantastic views. Foggy Pass, Jim Pass, the Devils Backbone, and into Holman Pass and Rock Pass.

I expected Woody Pass to be the end of the views but I was dead wrong. Not wooded at all and great expansive views of the mountains and along Lakeview Ridge, the Devils Stairway, and down into the deep blue Hopkins Lake and pass. The views kept coming all the way to Castle Pass. Woody Pass and Hopkins Lake were excellent.

The trail after Castle Pass was overgrown and narrow but the excitement of nearing the border grew. Met Dazzle at the border monument and we took turns taking pictures and finishing off 375 ml of Canadian whiskey brought all the way from Skycomish. The weather and views fantastic for my last day in the USA and the completion of my PCT Quest. Camped in Canada just over the border.

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