Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept 29th - In the Shadow of Cathedral Rock

Lots and lots of switchbacks today. It was actually pleasant since it really spreads the elevation gain out. You got to see views in both directions without having to turn around like I usually have to do. In one direction you looked up the canyon at the rocky peaks and numerous snow filled shoots. In the other direction you looked down the canyon and a crossed at miles of other mountains. I had the sound of this fantastic waterfall that flowed down from the snow fields in my ears for the miles of climbing the switchbacks out of Lemah Meadows. Great views from the top but after traversing around the high point and ridge line it was back down miles of more switchbacks. And this would be repeated a few more times today.

Saw some "chicken of the woods" mushrooms today; the only edible mushroom I know how to safely identify. Passed a number of lakes, bridges, and river fords including Waptus Lake and Deep Lake. I carried water from Deep Lake up several miles of switchbacks to dry camp on the ridge.

Great views from my high summit ridge campsite in the shadow of the towering Cathedral Rock at mile 2449. There is a bright full moon framed by the mountain skyline as bright as headlights visible from tent. Wish I could capture a picture but it just comes out blurry.

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  1. You are in hiker heaven - did you pick some of the mushrooms?