Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 10th - Windy Joe and Manning Park

Hiked back to the border this morning and left my extra fuel for other hikers after breakfast. Then up and over into Canada. The PCT approach trail was overgrown, muddy, filled with roots, and steep and washed out in places.

Took a side hike of about four miles to the top of Windy Joe Mountain and it's great enclosed fire tower lookout. A spectacular view of the mountains in a 360 degree panorama.

In Manning Park I met up with Dazzle who offered to share his room at the lodge. Threw my hiking clothes in the trash and enjoyed the shower. The restaurant is on limited off season hours and menu so it's a burger for early dinner and no breakfast hours. They have a pool and hot tub but they will not let me use it in my underwear. I then tried to borrow a VCR to watch a movie but it doesn't work. And they tell me a group of hikers last week drank up the last draft beer keg for the season. Still it's a warm sunny day and the Windy Joe tower hike was a nice finish to my quest. On to Vancouver the morning.

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