Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 8th - Slate Peak Lookout and Tamatack Peak

Wow, only one day away from the border and I am still in awe from the beauty that greats me around every bend of the trail. Today started with a long climb up and over Glacier Pass with fantastic views of Azurite Peak and her glaciers. The views continued up the ridgeline of Mt Ballard and beyond in all directions. From the top of the ridge the trail follows up and down the contour and across the shoulder of Tatie Peak.

The views continue for miles as the trail winds around the ridge and passes tall the way to Harts Pass. In this section I met a couple, Coyote and Don't Panic, who had just finished the CDT and were section hiking parts of Washington. I offered them some fresh bread from the Stehekin bakery and they returned the favor with some fuel, spam, and power bars. Now I can have more hot soups and double dinners!

After Harts pass the trail goes near Slate Peak with its wooden lookout tower. I thought for sure there would be a side trail to the tower off the PCT but no luck. So, of course, I climbed straight up the talus slope to the tower. Much tougher than I thought. It seems I've warn the lugs almost completely down on my boots and they slip easily. Great views from the tower. Not wanting to down climb the way I came up I found a vague herd path leading down a knife edge ridge parallel to the PCT. I figured another fun side adventure and it must eventually drop down to the PCT? Great hike but the path never left the ridge so I ended up scrabbling down a rocky cliff to get back to the PCT. A great side adventure!

The trail continues on the open ridge line crossing Buffalo Pass, Windy spass, and I finally settled on a campsite beside Tamarack Peak. Another A+ day!

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