Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 1st - Leaving the Dinsmore's for the last 200 miles

Coffee and fresh Asian pears from the tree in the yard this morning. Then Jerry drove us to breakfast at the Cascade Lodge. I treated him to breakfast as a thank you for his trail angel work. Then off to the Skykomish Deli for icecream, a sandwich to go, and cheese and bread. Two hikers, who where expecting a resupply in the middle of the next section, we're in trouble because the road is out and the hiker expecting to resupply them was not able to tell them she couldn't get to them. Three of us split up some extra food and fuel in case we find them despite on the trail ahead. Hollywood and the others started trickling in ad I was leaving town. It was good to hike with "Molasses", last remaining member of Team Sardine today. Camping at Lake Janus with a light rain this evening.

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