Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 6th - The Hideaway

Woke to a view of the lake and mountains from my tent site at Purple Point. More fire smoke is in the air around the mountains. I enjoyed my giant cinnamon bun from the bakery while packing up. The resupply box from Sybille is so well packed it looks like she ironed everything flat and fit them in Ike a jigsaw puzzle. With a few items from the bakery a some leftovers in my pack I will eat like a king these last few days.

Had a nice breakfast and was joined by Dazzle, Blackout and Silky Smooth. Back on the bus we again stopped at the amazing bakery in the middle of nowhere. This time: a loaf of sour dough and whole grain bread and a chicken-bacon-cheese hot pocket, both just out of the oven. Added a giant sticky bun to eat on the bus and we were off to the trail head.

At the trailhead I met Pinky and Ahab heading into town. I noticed Pinky had a neat PCT temporary tattoo. She said she had it custom made online; Betty cool. Headed out with Dazzle, Silky Smooth, and Blackout. My campsite, called The Hideaway, is by the river and the sound of the water is soothing. No sign of the others so I guess I'm the only one here tonight. Except for the mouse I just caught trying to climb into my shoe; that is!

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