Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept 28th - The Kendall Katwalk

Another spectacular day! This trail keeps surprising you with each mile. Heading up from Snoqualmie Pass toward Kendall Peak the views just kept opening up. Both down toward the pass and ahead toward Kendall Ridge. Entering the Alpine Lakes Wilderness the trail zigzagged and switched-backed up and around the peaks and ridges. This included the fantastic "Kendall Katwalk" a section blasted out of solid granite on a narrow knife edge.

There were some nice camping spots on the saddle with Gravel Lake and Ridge Lake to either side. The trailing continued on its narrow path alone the ridgeline many times crossing rock slides with difficult footing over large loose rocks. Ran into an elk on the narrow trail and he wasn't sure which way to run. Saw several small picas running among the rocks. Then, after passing around the summits of Alaska Mountain and Huckleberry Mountain I climbed to the saddle just before Chikamin Peak. Their I saw a white mountain goat with large horns just sitting on the lip of the saddle. After he ran away I spent some time here to enjoy the mountain views all around me including Mt Raineer in the distance.

The Four Brothers peaks were impressive and then while climbing down into the Park Lakes Basin a fantastic view of Spectacle Lake opened up. Great spot for my lunch.

Lots and lots of switchbacks down to Delate Creek waterfall and finally my campsite at Lemah Meadow; which doesn't appear to be a meadow at all. Just looks like woods to me.

The map shows a jumbled spaghetti line of switchbacks leading up 3000 feet next so I'll leave that for tomorrow. Many miles of great open ridge-line and views today. Almost as good as Goat Rocks!

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