Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tue 23Apr2013 - Silver City

Monday: I'm back in the mountains! The Big Burro range has lots of ups and downs, switchbacks, and views. My first wildflowers today; red Indian paint brush and lots of purple and yellow flowers. The summit of Jack Mountain was nice as you would expect with a name like Jack!

After mud spring the CDT was well marked but my notes and maps said it wasn't finished. Looking ahead at close to 20 miles of road walking I hesitated. The trail looked great and had what looked like brand new trail markers. Even if I had to bushwhack a little or take some side roads it must be shorted on the road. Wrong! I hiked at least 3 miles and it kept getting farther away in the wrong direction. I chickened out and hiked back and started the long road walk. If i had just looked at the overview map buried in my pack it would have been obvious. Camping on a hill above the road 13 miles from Silver City.

Tuesday: just made it to Silver City. Coffee at the Internet cafe. Email about a possible trail angel I will check out. Heading to the hiking store next to sign in and get fuel.


  1. looks like a great restaurant - did you enjoy a meal there

  2. I visited Silver city by car in 2000 when I did part of the Gila Wilderness with Josh, Ken and Erik! It was a cool town!
    Hope you got one of those great burgers!
    Sounds like a different type of fun adventure is well underway already!

    Falline aka Al