Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 1: Mexican border at Crazy Cook

Met up with Bamboo Bob, the new Poppa Smurf I met yesterday, Why Wait, Jellybean, Rob Steady, and Outhere for breakfast then made the long dirt road trek to the border. Cached water on the way in. About five miles north we crossed the road and who drives by? Sam shuttling my friend Dazzle from Hawaii that I met on the PCT! Saw a snake and some lizards and lots of wind. At the first water cache I waited 45 min for the rest of the gang but decided to hike on because it was early and not really a lot of good sites there. I hiked on to mile 18 through thorny dessert with no path; just posts that were about a tenth of a mile apart and hard to fine. Not a bad first day on the CDT.

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  1. Annoys me that vandals ( or cows? ) knocked over the marker.