Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sat, 20Apr2013 - Lordsburg

Fri, 19Apr2013 - Desert walking. Lots of space between markers so its almost impossible to see the next one. Just go by instinct and hope you see one before your too far off. Lots of zig-zags to correct course. Got water from some of those cow tires. A dead cow skeleton nearby. In the old westerns that always implied the water was poison!

Sat, 20Apr2013 - Finding Waldo and when a gate is not a gate.

Woke to find ice in my water bottle. Hot and no shade by day; freezing at night. Welcome to the desert. :) The trail markers are at least a quarter mile apart and finding them is like finding Waldo. It's mostly fun but sometimes frustrating. And then you come to barb wire fences and you are never shore if you are lost or suppose to cross them. My data calls some of them gates. First I thought I was off trail and missed the gate. Then I figured out gate means your choice of climbing over, under, or between. Unless you should have stayed on the other side. Never sure. Lol

Last eight miles into Lordsburg were really nice with a rollercoaster of hills, sun, wind, and searching for markers. In town for supplies. No fuel so I bought a bottle of ever clear grain alcohol. Might be an after dinner drink or two ahead. Heading back in an hour to camp on trail.

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