Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun, 21Apr2013 - Off Trail

Sun, 21Apr2013 - Off trail
Hot day in the desert today. Not much wind and it really makes a difference. It's pretty, cactus, colors, hills around you, jack rabbits, and did I include COWs? It's really pretty nice but with the heat there is a feeling of just wanting to get thru this part. There is always apprehension coming up to cow water and wondering if it will have any. Always carrying extra in case.

Finally, in the afternoon, I climbed up into the Big Burrow Mountains and transitioned into a real trail. Up till now it was just cross country without a trail or a rutted dirt road. The trail even had rock cairns, trees, and great views. Climbed up along the ridge-line on switchbacks and was shaded with trees and a nice breeze.

Then the trail turned and headed done a power line. No! I don't want to go down. Down is where the COWs are!

Eventually the trail came out in a clearing and a truck blocked my way. Going by the truck I saw the footprints I had seen on the trail follow down the dirt road. I looked around, saw a CDT sign kind of leaning toward the road and figured it continued that way. Pulled out my map to check, just when a couple with a baby came up the road. After talking for a while I asked if the CDT continued north down the road. Yes they said, so I stuffed my map into my pocket and continued down. By the time I realized they were wrong I was a mile down. Dragging out my gps I decided to bushwhack a half mile through dense thorny foliage and made it back to the trail. Back on track from my first major slip up, a little blooded, and with a exciting deer encounter on my side adventure. Camping on a nice ridge with a view tonight.

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