Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oct 26, 2014 - Silver Creek

In the morning we had a nice fireside breakfast of eggs with potatoes and left over brats.  Sybille left me off near shelter 1 so I continue south on the Milwaukee River segment while she drove to the end of the West Bend segment and road her bike to meet me at the north end of the Southern Kewaskum segment.

The trail traveled through the middle of corn fields, farms and on the ridgeline in a treed band between farmland, crossed marsh areas on wonderful boardwalks, and then dropped down to cross under route 45 through a tunnel.

At Sunburst Ski Hill I lost the way.  The last marker I could find pointed up the ski slopes and I could find nothing going off to the far west as I had expected.  Finally I made the assumption that I had to climb the ski run but never found a marker.  At the top I searched until I found a white blazed trail which I took back to the west and finally crossed the Ice Age Trail not far from where the whole search started.  Back on trail it turned into a nice section, followed by a short road walk to where Sybille met me on her bike.

From here the Kewaskum and West Bend segments travel through the Glacial Blue Hills Rec area, Albecker Natural area, and Ridge Run County park.  The trail follows along the Silver Creek with boardwalks and a major bridge crossing of the Silver Creek and around Lucas Lake and past an artesian water well.  The trail segments ends in a wonderful well used wooded pathway after Lucas Lake.