Thursday, October 16, 2014

16Oct2014 - Alta Junction and Underdown Segments on the way to Tug Lake

The next section is the Alta Junction segment named after the junction of two rail lines at the village of Dunfield (now a ghost town).  Following an old 1908 logging rail grade I found remains from the rail line.  

The final wooded section for the day was through the Underdown segment which is part of a popular recreation area with hiking, mountain bike, equestrian and cross-country ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile trails.  Had to really pay attention to the blazes and missed two or three turns that required backtracking.  The Underdown area is part of the Harrison Moraine with lots of glacial debris in the form of hummocks separating deep kettles.  Lots of up and downs on this roller-coaster route that really slowed your progress.  This section really gave you a feel for the way the glaciers edge changed the land.  An interesting foundation was found at the intersection with a trail sign that I assume means "Moonshine" horse trail, then into the Enchanted Forest and past Dog and Mist lakes.

The last part of the day was a 10 mile road walk.  It started out very nice hiking down the dirt Horn Lake Road past many lakes and ponds.  Then a road walk to Tug Lake Recreation Area.  Along the way I met a farmer on a tractor that stopped to talk with me.  Said he sees lots of thru-hikers but that I was very late in the year if I wanted to finish.  I told him I was only section hiking and would likely not finish this year but it was fun to talk with him.  Guess there are more thru-hikers of the IAT then I was aware of.

Tug Lake is a nice spot and the sun was shining.  This was my meeting point to have Sybille pick me up but I was a little early.  Hoping to get the rest of the road walk out of the way I was able to get a ride to the start of the Grandfather Falls Segment and hiked the road back to Tug Lake.  Arrived just in time to meet Sybille and complete my 100mile four day section hike.  The Grandfather Falls Segment looks interesting! 

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