Thursday, June 5, 2014

05June2014 - The road walk to Albany

This morning I hiked through the last section of real forest trail for the day in the Robert Cook Memorial Arboretum.  The last parts were on well maintained trail through the arboretum's self-guided educational section with plenty of informational signs and picnic tables and trailside benches.  At the end was a neat reproduction of a pioneer log cabin from the 1800s.  

The rest of the day was spent on a long paved country road-walk to Albany where I finally picked up the Sugar River State rail-to-trails section where my car was parked.  About 20 miles today.   My feet were wet most of yesterday and I found I had some small blisters that had formed in the cracks that formed on my pruney wrinkled feet.   Guess I'm a little out of shape to be jumping right back to 36 mile days. LOL

While today was pretty country side it was the first long road section without anything particularly interesting other than a stop in the cool shade of an old cemetery.  Glad to finally make it over to the gravel rail-trail Sugar River treadway in Albany, Wisconsin.

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