Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26th - The Wind, Mile 77

Wow, what an amazing two days. Yesterday the winds were so strong I
had to walk sideways on the trail to walk in a straight line. Trail is
high on the ridge-line with steep drop offs. Took a side trail to Garnet
Peak in 50 mile wind gusts. Hairy but great views. Saw the smoke
plume from the fire in the distance. Took a while to find a high camp
where I could set up my tent in this wind. Camping spot on my map was too
windy for a tent. Was going to sleep cowboy style sheltered between some
boulders but it started to rain. Found a dry spot in a cave formed by
the boulders but it was a wind tunnel. Finally found a safer spot to
pitch tent and spent a noisy night in the wind and a little rain. Hey, just like the
whites! Also saw my first deer today.

Today was cold in the morning and it stayed windy all day but the sun was out and the
views were great. Met 'Tuna Helper' who is trying to break the speed
record for the PCT and signed his witness log. Passed some locals that
where shooting rifles very close to the trail. Scary hiking by them.
Woke up a bee hive trying to get water from a fire tank but luckily no
stings. Then I hiked on into the fire zone where I saw many fire
fighters still walking around in large groups. I had talked with a border patrol ranger
at a dirt road crossing and he said the fire was under control but I still
felt like I was entering an active fire area.  Everything was blackened.

Camp tonight is windy again. The tent is taking a beating. I smell like smoke now from walking through the fire zone. Some might say its an improvement.

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  1. Hope you are not trying to keep up with Tuna Helper and enjoy the scenery.