Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25th - Mile 46 and the first rattlesnake sighting

Started my PCT hike at 6am after watching the sunrise from the border with Mexico.  Lots of wild flowers, bunnies, and lizards everywhere.  Pretty trail so far.  Lots of border patrol but no other hikers.  The afternoon of my first day I pissed off my first rattlesnake, scared the poop out of me, and enjoyed an hour rest on the rocks looking over a lake. Then in camp I yogied my first beer. Not bad for my first day on the trail. Yesterday was the day of the snakes. Saw at least five different kinds. Fortunately no rattlers this time. Met my first and only hiker, a thu-hiker,named Chuck. Great views so far and lots of flowers. But the flies are bad until today. High winds but no flies. Just got word that the PCT is closed at Scissors Crossing due to fires. Hope it opens before I get there. Enough typing on this silly cell phone for today. 

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